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Opening Financial Gateways for You

Discover the story behind Lawson’s Credit Services, a company dedicated to providing top-notch credit repair services.

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About the Company

Lawson’s Credit Services is a credit repair company adopting an innovative approach to helping clients resolve credit issues. I only started the company in 2020, but I’ve already achieved a high success rate of identifying and removing inaccuracies reported against my clients.

Whenever you see an item on your credit report that you feel is wrong, you can count on me to address it. After all, my services are designed to help you better identify your credit problems and find solutions to regain good credit scores. 

What Drives Me

Mission Statement

For Clients: My goal is to improve your credit ratings by successfully optimizing credit scores based on your needs.

For Affiliates: As a client-focused business, Lawson’s Credit Services is committed to building great relationships with clients and delivering successful results using an innovative approach to credit repair.

Vision Statement

I envision Lawson’s Credit Services as one of the top credit repair companies in the country, providing credit score optimization with affordable rates and out-of-the-box solutions.

My Story

After returning to the United States Army in 2007, Michael Lawson began helping clients from all over. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in financial management, Michael used that to develop a passion for credit and helping individuals rebuild and restore their history. In 2017 Michael had the vision to help people and cater to their needs. That vision came to light in 2020.

He has made a huge impact on his client’s lives, while assisting, aiding, and helping them repair their credit history. He goes that extra mile by utilizing the importance of credit and explaining how important it is not just to clients but to friends and family also.

He is truly knowledgeable about maintaining a positive credit profile and building wealth. He continues to educate himself by completing education courses and credit restoration programs. He is known for always smiling and saying the phrase, “I got you”. He provides excellent customer satisfaction, integrity, and ethics.

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